Broadcast Traffic Coordinator

Job Description
  • Responsible for preparation of daily program and commercial traffic logs for broadcast stations as assigned.
  • Compile necessary critical data for Master Control including format sheets, satellite information and other data as necessary for traffic and program logs.
  • Enter facilities instructions and assign media cart numbers for National and Regional advertiser schedules as necessary.
  • Assist with facilities instructions and assignment of media cart numbers for all station promotion and PSA schedules and announcements;
  • Daily log reconciliations for assigned broadcast stations;
  • Assist with maintaining log retention files;
  • Assist with regular purge of outdated/expired carts and facilities;
  • Regularly update program information for assigned broadcast stations;
  • Daily monitoring of affiliate websites for updated network information;
  • Preparation and publishing weekly program schedules to program guide services and internal departments;
  • Cross-train in all aspects of traffic department functions to assume Traffic Manager duties as necessary.
Contact Information